European style Wood&Alu windows欧式木铝门窗


  • 本门窗系列适用于独立别墅、联排别墅、小高层洋房、平房四合院等建筑。
  • 为德国最新的 Holz-Alu 68/70 系列。
  • 节省能源,易于保养,使用生命长,外表美观。
  • 与老式传统的铝包木门窗相比,新型系列门窗的断面可视面小,单位面积上可获得最大的光照率。


Product introduction

  • This series of windows and doors is suitable for independent villa, townhouse, small high-rise house, bungalow quadrangle and other buildings.
  •  German Holz-Alu 68/70 series.
  • Energy saving, easy maintenance, long life, beautiful appearance.
  • Compared with the old traditional aluminum-clad wood windows and doors, the new series of Windows and doors have a small visible surface and can obtain the maximum light rate per unit area.


  • 玻璃为二层或三层密封玻璃,总厚度为26mm~31mm,是普通节能门窗玻璃总厚度的1.5倍以上。
  • 木材采用德国进口红松,保证门窗长期使用不变形,且保暖性及美观性优良。
  • 油漆采用德国进口水性漆,环保、无毒、无异味。
  • 铝合金型材壁厚为1.6mm,满足德国标准,保证了门窗的承载强度要求。
  • 五金采用德国原装进口五金,配有误操作装置及中间销系统,多点使五金在锁紧,使用过程中真正安全可靠。
  • 胶条防水胶条为汽车用胶条,防风及密封胶条均为新型材料的发泡胶条,以保证良好的密闭性能。 胶条双道密封系统保住了密封胶条之间不发生相互干涉,保证良好的密封效果。

Material selection

  • Glass is two or triple layers of sealed glass with a total thickness of 26mm ~ 31mm, which is more than 1.5 times the total thickness of ordinary energy-saving window and door glass.
  • Wood imported from Germany red pine, to ensure the long-term use of doors and windows without deformation, and warm and beautiful.
  • Paint imported from Germany waterborne paint, environmental protection, non-toxic, no odor.
  • Alu. Wall thickness of the aluminum alloy profile is 1.6mm, which meets the German standard and ensures the load-bearing strength of the doors and windows.
  • Hardware imported from Germany, equipped with misoperation device and intermediate pin system, multiple points make the hardware in the lock, the use of real safe and reliable.
  • Waterproof rubber strips are auto rubber strips. Windproof and sealing rubber strips are foam rubber strips of new materials to ensure good airtight performance. The rubber strip two-channel sealing system ensures that the sealing rubber strips do not interfere with each other to ensure a good sealing effect.

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